Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions for Trading with Signfusion

1.      Trading terms are C O D or 7 days if prior arrangement has been made

2.      Council approvals are the buyers responsibility
 Body Corporate compliance are the buyers responsibility
2.1   Signfusion is only ever acting under the instructions of the purchaser, and any special
  requirements by governing body’s must be sort out by the purchaser.

3.       No goods will be accepted for credit if supplied as per purchase order.
3.1     A purchase order consists of the quote being proof read and authorized.
3.2a   A signage quote is authorized when a signed copy of the quote is returned back to Signfusion or a 1/3 deposit is  paid. (or whatever details are individually stated on quote)
3.2b   A stationery quote is authorized when a signed copy of the artwork has been returned back to Signfusion and the  total invoice balance has been paid.
3.2c   A Digital Printed quote is authorized when a signed copy of the artwork has been returned back to Signfusion and a  50% Deposit is Paid.  
3.2d   A DIY Sign Kit quote is authorized when a signed copy of the artwork has been returned  back to Signfusion and  the above relevant Deposit is paid. The balance must be paid in full before goods can be despatched by courier, or  other transport options. 
3.3    Deposit is required for all jobs with a total value of more than $500.00. Work cannot start on a job until this   payment has been made.
3.4    If a quote needs to be amended, changes must be made in writing and returned back to Signfusion. Signfusion will  then issue a new quote with adjustments and when no more adjustments are required an un-amended copy of quote  must be signed and returned to Signfusion.

4.     Colours, material etc will be the nearest commercially available (in all aspects) to that selected or offered.
4.1   Price is subject to final site condition ie: rock shelves, concrete excavation, stability of footings etc. Please note that  if any speciality access or equipment is required a extra charge will apply.
4.2   Pricing is based on a standard business hour install time, if any special requirements are needed they need to be  applied in the primary pricing.
4.3   If at any stage the work changes to that described in the attached quote, Signfusion retains the right to amend or  adjust the quote if required.
4.4   Prices do not include connection to mains power. A licenced electrician is required to carry out any work in this  matter.

5.     By placing an order, or doing business with Signfusion you acknowledge, accept and understand all the Terms and  Conditions including the Retention of title.

6.     All layouts designed by Signfusion, remain the property of Signfusion unless the artwork is charged to the   purchaser, at which point ownership of design transfers to Buyer. Standard Copyright Law applies to all other  layouts.

7.     Retention of title
7.1   Title shall not pass
 Title to and ownership of the goods remains with Signfusion (seller) until (the buyer) has  paid for the (goods) in  full.
7.2   Authority to repossess
 If the (buyer) does not pay for the goods in full, the (buyer) authorizes Signfusion (seller) and it’s servants and  agents, to enter upon the (buyers) premises at any time to do all things necessary to repossess the (goods)
7.3   Overdue Accounts
 Accounts must be settled in the terms as per quoted or the standard 7 Day as mentioned in (point 1.) Signfusion  (seller) holds the right to pass on any relevant cost to (the buyer) in recovering unpaid monies due.

By proceeding with an order with Signfusion, you will have the understanding that you have agreed to all of the above terms and conditions.