Vista Product Range


Vista System directories are fast, easy and simple to assemble and install. No need for special tools. They accept numerous insert materials and are low in cost. The system has the advantage of flexibility to accept a variety of insert materials as well as the complete freedom to determine the height of each information strip - You decide how the sign will be sectioned by placing the separation strips as needed. The separation strips come with double-sided adhesive on the back, just peel and attach. Where? Wherever you decide, according to your design. 


Double Sided Pylons

With a range of bases and end caps D/BL sided pylons and be converted into free-standing signs. By adding some divider strips, the signs can also function as directories with changeable inserts.


Substrates: paper, plastic, metal, laminates, etc.


Great for Directories, showrooms, lobbies.

Post Pylons

Sign frames and base heights are adjustable. Post components can be used in combination with the standard vista system range. Can be used for either Permanent or Portable applications.


Can be used with or without internal illumination.


Substrates: accepts any sign material that is flat and flexible.

Project Wall Brackets

Wall brackets are designed to accept the standard size extrusions. The simple base style projecting frames are similar to small pylon signs designed to be mounted flush to a wall.


Can be mounted to a wall or as an overhead sign fitted to a ceiling.


Standard profiles and end caps are used with specially designed connectors that are also cable clamps, to create unending combinations of vertical and horizontal curved Double sided suspended signs.


Suspended Vista light also allows you to include the option of either with or without internal illumination.

Table Stands

The “Kangaroo” and "Boomerang" table sign frame is offered as a complete package.

  1. Convex frame, aluminum base and end caps, clear/ non-glare lens.
  2. Available in several sizes
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Easy to change insert
  5. Designed to accept standard paper or other sign substrates

Triangular Pylons

A triangular pylon, utilizing short sections of post extrusions between sections to create a attractive way-finding system.


Bases and available in both permanent and portable applications.

Vista Light

Vista Light used with or without llighting, provides the option to sandwich the graphics between a white translucent diffuser and a clear matte lens, both made from vandal proof polycarbonate.


A perfect soloution for posters, and provide POP advertising with enhanced visibility. With the option of backlit or standard and a wide variety of sizes to match any project.

Wall Frames

Create wall mounted signs with the Vista frame extrusions using any flat, flexible substrate to produce a curved- face sign.


Substrates: Paper + lens, engraving plastics, thin metals, laminates

Compatible methods:  Cut vinyl, digitally printed, engraving, screenprinting

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